October 12 Meeting Summary

  • Neighborhood Cleanup turned out really well.
  • Website – via email voted to publish the website. Jerry will monitor “Contact Us” submissions.
  • Voted via email to donate $500 to the Forrester St Halloween Festival in the Downtown Neighborhood.
  • We recieved a financial breakdown and “thank you” letter from Wade Patterson at the Harwood concerning the Parade and Fiesta.  (a great success this year!!)  They had a financial short fall of $636.  Possibly split this between The Harwood, SCLT, and Wells Park. Voted via email to contribute $212.
  • There’s a possibility that the city will be putting in street lights on Bellamah.
  • Spring bulbs to beautify our neighborhood – We may be able to get a grant from the city to do this. We’ll put together a committee at our next meeting.
  • Discussed whether to put together a form letter to send to realtors of properties up for sale, informing them of our zoning rules in order to avoid possible confusion for buyers.
  • Discussed how we can raise money for our neighborhood association.

Next meeting:
Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 6:30 pm  – 8 pm
Wells Park Community Center, 500 Mountain Rd NW (5th & Mountain)

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