Reminder: Sawmill/Wells Park Sector Plan Amendments

The City of Albuquerque adopted the Sawmill Wells Park  Sector Development Plan in 1996 and has amended the plan several times to reflect changed and changing conditions.  In response to additional new developments proposed in the area, the neighborhood voiced concerns about traffic impacts and circulation.

To maintain the intent of the sector plan with respect to connectivity and traffic, efforts began several years ago to draft transportation amendments for the plan. The amendments were also intended to manage cut-through traffic, recommend traffic calming measures, and establish standards for Complete Streets that serve all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and vehicles.

The Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) will consider the amendments on Thursday, December 11, at 8:30 am. Location: Plaza del Sol hearing room at 600 2nd Street NW.

Click here to view the amendment document. Click here for more information on the EPC meeting.

You can email your comments and suggestions about the amendment to Vicente Quevedo,  The deadline for comments and suggestions is Tuesday, December 9, at 9 am.

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