Meeting Agenda for April 12, 2016

Wells Park Neighborhood Association

April 12, 2016

6:30 PM

Wells Park Community Center 5th and Mountain

1. Introductions – 5 Min.

3. Approve Agenda, Approve Minutes

3. Police Report – 10 min

4. Annual Meeting recap

5. Welcome new board members – bylaws

6. Clean up day Scheduling

7. Filing of amended by-laws

8. Filing of Office of Neighborhood Affairs form

9. Sculpture project

10. Assistance Fund – volunteers/applications

11. Election of Officers

12. Old Business

13. New Business

14. Public Comment

15. Next Meeting

16. Adjourn

** Thank you for attending the Wells Park Neighborhood Association monthly Board of Directors meeting. To ensure an efficient and productive meeting, association members, and other members of the public may address the board during the public comment section of the meeting or when recognized by the chair. Members of the board shall conduct all motions, seconds, discussion and voting.   The public, with board approval may suggest agenda items. Thank you for attending and your interest in the Wells Park Neighborhood.

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