District 2 Newsletter

Hello Neighbors,

The next City Council meeting is Wednesday, January 4 at 5:00 pm in the Vincent Griego Chambers, basement level of City Hall:  Agenda.

Legislation of Interest

  • R-16-147 Candelaria Farm Preserve  (Benton) reaffirms that the Candelaria Farm Preserve is to be managed as a nature study area and wildlife preserve.  It also directs the Open Space Division and Parks and Recreation Department to convene a technical advisory group and immediately begin the process of creating a new Resource Management Plan. This bill is on the January 4 agenda.
  • R-17-153 Transfer Station Economic Impact Evaluation (Benton) calls for an economic impact evaluation relating to the City’s proposed Solid Waste Transfer Station and Convenience Center at Comanche and Edith, to be completed before the City takes any further steps towards completion of the project. I will be introducing this legislation for immediate action at the January 4 meeting.
  • R-16-109 Comprehensive Plan Update (Jones, Benton) will be on the Council’s January 4 agenda.  This is an update to long-standing regional growth policy and I encourage you to become familiar with it if you have not already.  A draft of the ABC Comp Plan, including proposed changes, is available for review at the ABC-Z website. You have the opportunity to speak at City Council and can also send written comments to Crystal Ortega, Council Clerk at cortega@cabq.gov.  If you have questions, contact Andrew Webb atawebb@cabq.gov or 768-3161.

Project Updates

Upcoming Events & Meetings

Community Announcements

  • Southwest Bike Initiative:  A new local nonprofit advancing walking, cycling and all forms of sustainable transportation to benefit society and improve people’s lives.
  • ABC-Z Project:  A draft of the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO), which updates the City’s zoning code, is available for review and comment.  Review the draft here.  You may submit comments toabctoz@cabq.gov.  There will be additional opportunity to comment throughout the approval process at the Environmental Planning Commission and City Council.
  • Boards and Commissions Vacancies:  Several boards have vacancies – apply to serve!

Happy New Year!

Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2


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