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From Councilor Isaac Benton:

Hello Neighbors,

The next City Council meeting is Monday, February 6 at 5:00 pm in the Vincent Griego Chambers, basement level of City Hall:  Agenda.

This week, Councilors Pat Davis, Diane Gibson and I wrote a letter to Senators Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall expressing concerns about Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions, specifically with respect to Senator Session’s positions on police oversight policies within the Department of Justice and the impacts his administration as attorney general could have on ongoing reform efforts in Albuquerque.  Read the press release and letter here.


Legislation of Interest

  • R-16-109 Comprehensive Plan Update (Jones, Benton) was deferred until the March 6 Council meeting.  This is an update to long-standing regional growth policy and I encourage you to become familiar with it if you have not already.  A draft of the ABC Comp Plan, including proposed changes, is available for review at the ABC-Z website. You have the opportunity to speak at City Council and can also send written comments to Crystal Ortega, Council Clerk at cortega@cabq.gov.  If you have questions, contact Andrew Webb atawebb@cabq.gov or 768-3161.

Planning Department and Council staff are arranging additional public meetings in each of the Community Planning Areas, which will be announced next week on the ABC-Z website.  There will also be two Spanish-language meetings, one on each side of the Rio Grande.  Constructive suggestions and questions are encouraged and will be responded to at the meetings.

  • North 4th Street Corridor Zoning R-17-160 (Benton):  I am introducing a limited moratorium on construction under the mixed-use zone provision of the North 4th Street Corridor Plan.  The moratorium will temporarily prohibit the City from acting on any change to existing zoning or act upon any building permits under the North Fourth Mixed Use District (NFMXD) provisions of the Corridor Plan.  This is in response to community concerns that recent developments on 4th Street built under the NFMXD standards may not provide enough direction with regard to building appearance.  This bill will be heard at the Land Use Planning and Zoning (LUPZ) Committee meeting at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 15.
  • Reaffirming the City’s Commitment to Diversity and Immigrant Friendly Status M-17-4 (Benton, Peña, Davis, Gibson) will be introduced at Monday’s meeting for a hearing at the February 22 Council meeting.  In light of the recent Presidential Executive Orders relating to immigration enforcement, this Memorial reaffirms R-00-151, which declared Albuquerque to be immigrant-friendly, reaffirms the City’s commitment to the policies established by R-00-151.  These include a commitment to “treat all persons with respect and dignity, regardless of their immigration status” and that “to the fullest extent allowed by federal and state law, immigrants who live within the city limits of Albuquerque and their families shall have access to all City services and programs.”   M-17-4 welcomes and encourages immigrants to live, work and study in Albuquerque and to participate in community affairs, and recognizes immigrants for their important contributions to our culture and economy.  It also expresses City Council’s support of the equal treatment of all persons and states that all persons who live within the City should have full access to all city services with respect and dignity, including public safety services and programs, regardless of their race, disability, national origin, gender identity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic or immigration status (in addition to any other protected classes under local, state, or federal law).  Read our press release online.

Community Announcements

  • The Office of Neighborhood Coordination (ONC) moves from the Planning Department to City Council Services effective Monday, April 3, 2017.  Read about what to expect and answer the online survey to tell staff what your neighborhood is like now, what is needed, and what makes your neighborhood unique and beautiful.  You may also contact Sara Mancini (505) 768-3105, saramancini@cabq.gov with questions.
  • Behavioral Health Initiative: Stay updated on the progress of this important initiative and read the ABCGC Behavioral Health Newsletter online.
  • ABC-Z Project:  A draft of the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO), which updates the City’s zoning code, is available for review and comment.  Review the draft here.  You may submit comments toabctoz@cabq.gov.  There will be additional opportunity to comment throughout the approval process at the Environmental Planning Commission and City Council.
  • Seniors Ride Free on the NM Rail Runner this spring!

Project Updates

Upcoming Events 




Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2



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