Join Us for Monthly Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our regular meeting at 6:30pm at Wells Park Community Center. Check out the agenda below and we’ll see you there!

Wells Park Neighborhood Association
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 • 6:30 PM
Wells Park Community Center 5th and Mountain


Approve Agenda, Approve Minutes

Police Report—5 min.

Annual Meeting planning
-flyer/postcard (mailer budget approval).
-nominations—Jerry + Mike
-food (budget approval)
-public rep. invitations-Mark

Walker Property Motion (Ike Benton or Diane Dolan will attend)

Tree Planting—Doreen

Old Business:
-Mayoral Candidate invitation process.
-Pocket of Poverty Funds (Bianca)

Zoning Committee—Robert

New Business:

Public Comment—10 minutes


Next Meeting:
– Annual Meeting Monday, March 27, 5:30
– April 11 2017

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